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Find an Immigration Attorney

Barely home from Las Vegas, we started working on stage three of our plan: prepare the move to Indiana.

I had found a lawyer in California, specializing in immigration for foreign fiancees and spouses of US citizens. We wanted to make sure, that we did all the right things in the right order. There is no room for errors in this kind of procedure. The USA is not really an *immigration country* anymore, there's actually only two (maybe three) legal ways left to immigrate.

You have to win the green-card lottery, or marry a US citizen, or invest $1,000,000 in the USA. Option number two seems the most doable, but even then there is no guarantee. You have to prove, that you didn't marry somebody, just to acquire a green card. And your US spouse has to prove, that he/she is able to support the family.

Since Tom and I were both living together in Germany, we had to do the entire paperwork at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. The procedure is called *direct consular filing* DCF, and is supposedly the fastest way for *regular* cases. Regular means mostly military personnel - but Tom is a civilian. 

Here's whom we picked: Holmes & Lolly

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