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We got married in Las Vegas

My birthday is November 25th, Thanksgiving is around that time too. So we told everybody that my birthday present in 2004 would be a trip to Las Vegas. Only very few people guessed, what we were really up to. Everybody probably thought, I wouldn't want to be married ever again - after this expensive divorce, that I had just barely survived.

We flew to Las Vegas on November 20th - a monthiversary! - and had a civil marriage on Sunday, November 21st 2004. Nothing fancy, no limousine, no flashy dress, just black jeans and a white shirt for both of us. The most expensive part were the rings.  medium_lv_hilton.jpg

What a fabulous week we had! I'd recommend Las Vegas to everybody. If you want to have fun, relax, and have a hassle-free wedding - there is no better place. After coming back home as husband and wife, we had some major explaining and some minor stress-levels to go thru. Of course Alejandra didn't like it at all - even though nothing changes for her.

Want to do it too?

Here's my instructions (in German):
Anleitung zum Heiraten in Las Vegas

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