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About us getting married in Las Vegas

OK, I agree, we've been married before - and failed.  I am Tom's third wife, he is my second husband. But just because you ended up getting a divorce before, that doesn't mean something's wrong with marriage in general, or that you are unable to commit to it.

It just means you had a chance to learn and grow - and next time you'll be a better husband or wife. Maybe people are stuck in an unhappy marriage themselves, which might lead them to believe that nobody can be happily married, or nobody should even try.

We received advice unasked for:

  • remember what happened in your previous marriage, you don't want that again
  • you should be old enough to know, marriage doesn't work
  • you don't need to sign a paper, just to be able to live together
  • be careful, don't get married without a marriage contract
  • you have children already, wait until they grow up

It's good to know though, that there are others like us, those who still believe in marriage:

  • if you really want to commit to mutual support, sign that paper
  • some things are easier, if you're legally married to each other
  • your children will see how a loving couple treats each other, instead of watching their parents fight
  • you will be better parents when you are happy
  • with the experience of previous marriages, you will do it right this time
  • Las Vegas is such a fun place to get married, I wish I could have done it there too

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