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Both divorces finalized

Tom's paperwork was easier. Once he decided to have his lawyer finalize it, things went pretty fast. June 2004 he was a free man. Mine took longer. Because my ex wanted to have a lot more money, and we had to set up a contract about how and why and when I have to pay him, and I have to pay the judge, and the notary, and all of Alejandra's support. All together in total I ended up paying 60,000 € just to be free.

I'm still not done paying, of course, but as of November 10th 2004 I am a free person again. Deeply in debt, and deeply satisfied. Fernando got a load of money - and I got all the rest: I have Alejandra, I own two apartments, I found Tom, my life ahead looks bright and shiny.

The interpreter in court (because Fernando doesn't know enough German after 18 years!) talked to me for a while, during our wait outside the judge's office. After skimming thru that *contract* she said *But, do you realize that this isn't very fair? You are paying everything, while he doesn't even pay child support!*. I said *I know, but I don't care. I believe in automatic justice - Fernando will meet his, sooner or later.*.

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