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Tom loses his job

The company had been struggling all thru 2003, their one main customer cutting back on projects. We knew this was coming, but we didn't know exactly when. End of February 2004 it finally happened: Tom was fired, effective June 1st. Since he had been working for over three years, he was entitled to unemployment money - 800 € per month. Half of that goes to Mollie for support.

At first we thought we'd have no real trouble to find something else. And the timing seemed convenient, because that way Tom could spend the entire summer playing around in Munich with Mollie.

But after approximately 60 applications for jobs, only one interview, and still no job, panic started to set in. We calculated, how long I would be able to support the family on my salary alone. And what would happen, when the unemployment money would stop after 12 months? Would Tom even be allowed to stay in Germany?

We had to come up with a plan fast! This is what we decided to do: first finalize both our divorces, then get married, and then prepare to move to the USA. 

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