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Our first *family vacation*

The three of us flew to Fort Wayne to spend two weeks of vacation together with both girls, trying to 'bond'. This first vacation together was pretty much a disaster. The two girls didn't get along at all. They were jealous of each other, and also jealous of their respective 'step-parents' - while we were trying hard to create some *peace and harmony*.medium_family.jpg

In the back of our heads we also had this nagging feeling of guilt towards our children. For *destroying* their families, just to be able to pursue our own, personal happiness. I wouldn't consider it a vacation, but we survived. After that we spent many more weeks together, all four of us, and we learned to live with conflicts. Respecting each other's territory, setting up some basic rules, and (most important) never argue about how we educate our respective daughters.

That summer we started to answer *yes, but not to each other* when asked *are you married?*. And we started to say *yes, one each* when people asked *do you have kids?*. 

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